Tedeschi USA LLC is a company founded by Mr. Felice Tedeschi in June of 2005, in order to meet US demand for high-quality Italian Furnishings in the residential and commercial real estate markets.

The Tedeschi family has been in the furniture business for more than 80 years, owning stores in and around Rome. Over time they have established a unique network of suppliers and artisans who provide the company with the means to offer high-end, classic-contemporary custom furnishings, cabinetry and kitchen installations at very competitive prices.

Tedeschi specializes in high-end furniture, mill work and upholstery for hospitality, residential, healthcare and office projects where the superior quality of the Made in Italy is combined to a highly competitive price value which allows the Company to be successful in highly competitive markets, at times out-bidding the Asian competition. This is made possible by the Company’s highly streamlined organization whose resources are solely dedicated to manufacturing excellence, quality control, installation and post-delivery customer service.

Tedeschi’s mission is to create and deliver value to its clients:

Value = High Quality, Long-Term Durability + Low Price


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