Our relationship with our clients is based on nurturing and fulfillment from the start to the finish of every project. Every moment of the process revolves around our clients and their complete satisfaction, from schematic furniture design, to the design’s development, and throughout bidding and negotiation.

The client is interviewed to absorb their specific needs and desires. This detailed information is used to provide the best possible support when planning.

Along with this information, we incorporate the analysis of spatial conditions; we study ergonomic and aesthetic factors, developing priorities, and discover solutions.

Finally, we present each client with a 3d plan that is the compilation of the clients wishes and needs, followed by an estimate of cost based on the clients budget. This ability to have a visual of the results before construction is a complimentary addition to our design process. The realism of the computer-generated images captures materials, lighting, texture, color, and form. The ability to foresee these elements prior to design completion reduces costly design changes that may occur during or after completion of the project.

Throughout delivery and installation each project is meticulously guided from beginning to end by both our highly trained project managers and Felice Tedeschi himself. When no detail is overlooked, perfection will be the result. This is Tedeschi USA, welcome home.