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Who we are
The quality of Made in Italy comes from the origins.

Tedeschi  since 1939

Tedeschi USA LLC is a company founded by Mr. Felice Tedeschi in June 2005, in order to satisfy the US demand for high quality Made in Italy furniture for the Hotel, Restaurants, Residential and Commercial .

The Tedeschi family has been operating in the furniture sector for more than 80 years.
Over time, in addition to its own production, the company has established a unique network of suppliers and craftsmen specialized in the processing of any material, acquiring a high-level know-how that allows, without limits, the realization of any customized project.

Tedeschi manufactures all the furniture for bedrooms, common areas, wellness centers, restaurants and shops for the biggest brands in catering and hospitality.
Another Tedeschi excellence is the bespoke production of any FF&E project.
Tables, chairs, armchairs, sofas and furnishing accessories are all entirely built on a project by selected artisans in the various Italian regions where the excellence of Made in Italy resides.

The lean organization of Tedeschi, whose resources are dedicated exclusively to production excellence, quality control, installation and post-delivery customer service, make it possible to be very competitive in price while maintaining top quality for an extra-luxury clientele.

Tedeschi's mission is to create and provide value to its customers.

Monteleone di Spoleto

Monteleone di Spoleto


New York


Who we turn to

We believe in sharing ideas and turning a project into reality, which is why we have always been available to discuss and collaborate with all the realities that make up the world of interior design and furniture:
 - owners
-  general contractor
-  interior contractor
-  procurement office
-  international and Italian design studios

A Single Reference

 - In our headquarters in New York or in Italy you will have a single contact person, your Project Manager for:
- An always direct relationship with which to confront and have support.
- Being able to manage changes even in real time so as not to stop the workflow.
- Have a real-time report on the progress of production in order not to miss the goal of delivery.
- Organize shipments and installation teams.

Attention to Details

Excellence is in production

Quality can be seen in the attention to detail.
Our production uses the latest technologies in production and painting machines, the raw materials are exclusively of first choice but
" the touch of the hand and the gaze of the expert eye "
  create a unique and distinguishable product.

Complex Projects

The management

The larger and more complex a project is, the more important is the management of production flows, logistics and installation.
Tedeschi specializes in the management and implementation of large projects with a high degree of complexity.
Thanks also to our production partners, selected over time, we are able to work on any material while maintaining the characteristic of "handmade"
exclusively Made in Italy.

Green Production

Respect for nature

We use all raw materials that respect nature and human well-being,
which is why all the panels are CARB certified formaldehyde free.
Where possible all paints are water based.


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